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Depression is REAL (part 1)

In recent weeks, I have been confronted with depression and the reality of how it can really destroy lives. The high profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain help shine a light on the worst outcomes that result from depression especially when left untreated for several years. In early June, a well known physician […]

Good news and Bad news

Today, my brothers and sisters, there is good news and bad news. As the eternal optimist let me offer the bad news first and then the good news. The bad news is the the devil has an assignment for your life. The enemy has a plan for your time here on earth with hopes that […]

Prayer & Fasting

This is a five day period set aside for prayer and fasting based on the Daniel Fast.  **Praying specifically for unity at St Luke Church 1. Commit to prayer for 20 minutes a day (you can divide this up to fit your schedule) 2.  Water only to drink (no alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas, or juice- […]


The word FRIEND in today’s culture is often thrown around haphazardly.  It seems to have lost its meaning and value.  On Facebook, I think I have over 2000 friends—and I’m not bragging about that because truth of the matter – the overwhelming majority of those folks I don’t even know.  Nowadays, you can just click […]