Prayer & Fasting

This is a five day period set aside for prayer and fasting based on the Daniel Fast.  **Praying specifically for unity at St Luke Church 1. Commit to prayer for 20 minutes a day (you can divide this up to fit your schedule) 2.  Water only to drink (no alcohol, coffee, tea, sodas, or juice- no additives to water) 3.  No sweets (no candy, cakes, pies, etc.) 4.  What you can eat regularly- fruit, vegetables, bread, salads, etc.- pasta, oatmeal, cheese 5.  No fried foods, no pork or red meat during this 5 day period 6.  Give up meat one meal per day between lunch and dinner (you decide this) **meat is considered chicken, fish, turkey, etc. 7.  Breakfast is in moderation at your discretion ****You may also choose to fast from TV, cell phone or social media for some period of time. What to pray for: Monday – Our children & young people everywhere (pray for their salvation/protection) Proverbs 22:6 Tuesday- Government leaders and school system including teachers (Godly influence) 1 Tim. 2:2 Wednesday- Married couples/singles (for loving, productive relationships) Ephesians 4:2-3 & 1 Cor. 7:25-40 Thursday- Sick & Shut-in (comfort & healing) James 5:15 Friday- Churches along Pastors & Preachers (wisdom) Matthew 28:19, Jeremiah 3:15, Luke 4:18 How to succeed in fasting:

Fast with friends. Matthew 18:19 Set a start date and end date. Determine you will follow through on the fast. It’s between you and GOD. Spend time with God. Psalms 16:11 Walk in expectation AFTER the fast. Jeremiah 29:11

Fasting does not work if you do not pray.